Unrestricted number of computers

Each license permits one user to use Algebraic on any number of computers. This can include both a home computer and a work computer, for example.

As a second option, a license can be used by an unrestricted number of users but all on the same computer.

Choice 1 Single user on multiple computers
Choice 2 Multiple users on single computer

Supported operating systems

Algebraic works on macOS 11 Big Sur or later. To find out which macOS your Mac is using, read this Apple Support article.

License keys

When you buy a license for Algebraic, a license key is sent to your email address. Entering the key in Algebraic switches the app to registered mode, which removes purchase prompts.

Algebraic will never require an internet connection to verify the license key, and will never use any form of DRM.

Evaluation period

Algebraic can be downloaded and evaluated without a license key. There are presently no feature restrictions during evaluation. If you decide to continue using Algebraic, a license must be purchased.


Refunds are available within 30 days of purchase. Please contact support.

Organizations and businesses

Organizations may purchase and use the license type described above. There is no separate license type for organizations presently.

Discounted pricing

For reduced education pricing, or if you plan to buy more 10 or more licenses, please contact support.

Mac App Store

Algebraic is not available from the Mac App Store, and there are no plans to make it available there. You can download Algebraic from this site.


Read Algebraic's End User License Agreement—it's short.


Algebraic does not connect to the internet unnecessarily and never collects user data. Read the full Privacy Policy.